Case Study: Rove

Rove is an award winning software provider of IT infrastructure management tools that allows for unified administration of all IT systems from a users smartphone or computer.

The Problem:

Rove has an industry leading solution but the way it was being explained was overly complicated. The value proposition was hidden within reams of technical documentation. This problem was compounded by the fact that they had resellers, include RIM, selling its service and each sales agent was saying different things. Rove needed a way to clearly outline their message and get it out to the IT community.

The Solution:

We worked closely with Rove’s marketing and sales staff to identify what the major objections were to its product and what the main benefits were to Rove’s solution vs. the status quo. The video was then created and distributed on the Rove home page and through Twitter and LinkedIn social networks. A mobile phone version was given to all the reselling partners including RIM so that they could show prospective clients. This ensured that the messaging was the same for each sales person.

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