Our Approach

Video is the best and most dynamic way to clearly explain your product or service.
There is a boom in the use of web-based video as a marketing tool. We provide the services to allow you to take advantage of the following trends:

  • 3rd: The ranking of web video in the top 10 most influential marketing mediums compiled by Deloitte LLP (beaten only by TV and magazines)
  • 84%: The number of U.S. based Internet users who watch web video.
  • 6 minutes: The average time visitors spend on a web site with video.
  • 7 seconds: The average time visitors spend on a web site without video.
  • 12%: The average increase in conversions rates for web sites using video vs. text-only sites.
  • 50X The increase in likelihood a properly submitted video will achieve a first-page Google ranking.

The videos we create are tangible assets that increase the ROI of your marketing and PR dollars. They both augment your current marketing and PR efforts and help you reach and educate new clients to increase your bottom line.

The better educated someone is about your product; the more likely they are to buy your product and stay loyal to it. Our three-part approach has been created to clearly educate your market and ensure that the right people see it.

Research it:

Before we do anything, we start by doing an internal audit of your product or service to find out:

  • Who is your main target audience?
  • What is the main problem that your product or service is trying to resolve?
  • How does your product resolve this problem?
  • What do people say when they don’t want your product or service?
  • What is your current marketing and PR strategy?
  • What is your sales cycle?

Produce it:

Based on this research, the production of every element of the video(s) is created to ensure your message is delivered as clearly and directly as possible. From the graphics, to the pacing, to the script, everything we do is informed by what your message should be.

We know that we are good at what we do. We let our creative egos take a back seat to ensure your story is told in the manner that best suits your market.

Flip it:

Once the video asset(s) are created, we work with you to implement them into your marketing and PR strategies as well as your sales process.

We work closely with you to get you the widest and most targeted web-based distribution through social media platforms such as industry blogs, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We also ensure that your video can be presented on multiple platforms including mobile phones, the web, and PowerPoint presentations.