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Future of HTML5 Video

A key element in the future of web video is the rise of HTML5.

Last month YouTube and Vimeo each announced the debut of HTML5-based videos. In YouTube’s case, the new player is only available via their test site “TestTube” while interested Vimeo users must opt-in to the beta test by clicking links below each video.

So what are the key benefits of a HTML5?

  • The player loads right away — no more spinning butterfly thingy.
  • You can jump anywhere in the video, without having to wait for it to buffer.
  • Smoother, less jumpy playback (we hope).
  • No more downloading plugins to watch video, viewers would have to download the latest version of their browser.

That said, there are some temporary drawbacks.

  • It currently only works for about 25% of you: you must be running the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, or IE with Chrome Frame installed.
  • You’ll need a script to auto-detect what browser a viewer is using and deliver your video in the appropriate format.

SublimeVideo’s new HTML5-based player showcases the future of web video in all its speedy, sleek, and plugin-free glory.

Be sure to watch it in full screen.