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Future of HTML5 Video

A key element in the future of web video is the rise of HTML5.

Last month YouTube and Vimeo each announced the debut of HTML5-based videos. In YouTube’s case, the new player is only available via their test site “TestTube” while interested Vimeo users must opt-in to the beta test by clicking links below each video.

So what are the key benefits of a HTML5?

  • The player loads right away — no more spinning butterfly thingy.
  • You can jump anywhere in the video, without having to wait for it to buffer.
  • Smoother, less jumpy playback (we hope).
  • No more downloading plugins to watch video, viewers would have to download the latest version of their browser.

That said, there are some temporary drawbacks.

  • It currently only works for about 25% of you: you must be running the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, or IE with Chrome Frame installed.
  • You’ll need a script to auto-detect what browser a viewer is using and deliver your video in the appropriate format.

SublimeVideo’s new HTML5-based player showcases the future of web video in all its speedy, sleek, and plugin-free glory.

Be sure to watch it in full screen.

Case Study: The Africa-Adapt Network

Africa-Adapt is an independent network focused on facilitating the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livelihoods between researchers, policy makers, and communities.

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BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Campaign

As anyone who knows me can attest, I like my beer! So when I stumbled across a video promoting the self-proclaimed “world’s strongest beer ever” I sat up and took notice. BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin is a stunning 32% alcohol and brewed by a Scottish craft brewery located in the town of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. How do I know all this? Well I watched their web video. Check it out:

BrewDog is also running an “Equity for Punks” campaign. It’s educational, entertaining and delivers an actionable message directly to their target audience via the following video.

Their audience is literally buying in and intern becoming brand ambassadors. It’s nothing sort of pure genius! And the lifetime 20% discount on the beer doesn’t hurt.